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On iOS, we have indexed 666,355 reviews in Turkey. Out of those, 92,853 are 1 star reviews. 13.93%

On iOS, we have 32,296,341 reviews, with 3,448,351 being 1 star reviews. 10.67% one star reviews.

Let's see if we limit it to reviews in the last 2 months:

16.47% negative in Turkey (65,154 total reviews) 12.05% negative in the US (1,960,283 total reviews)

(source - internal https://sensortower.com analytics)

It's a bit harder to separate reviews between countries on Android, but we have 7,862,505 recent reviews indexed in the last 2 months on Android, and 780,997 of them are negative (9.93%). I will try to run a query with language detection, though that might take a bit of time~

I'm seeing a similar number for iOS:

    Rating         % All         % Turkish
    1              09.6%         15.2%
    2              03.5%         04.4%
    3              06.5%         07.0%
    4              16.6%         14.5%
    5              63.6%         58.7%
(Source: data from MixRank's iOS intelligence)

There's definitely a bump in 1-star reviews in Turkey.

> There's definitely a bump in 1-star reviews in Turkey.

Wait wait wait, the mere fact that Turkish has more 1 start review than the world average doesn't tell you anything about other countries individually.

It could be that most countries are above the world average except a couple of countries with almost no 0-star reviews.

If you want to make this point, at least give us the standard deviation.

Could be accounted for by apps with poor localization.

So these apps have approximately equally good localization for every other language, except Turkish?

I get that you were being flippant, but apparently Turkish is unusually hard to localize for: http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2008/03/whats-wrong-with-tu...

This post is a little like programming pop science: an entertaining read, but greatly overstates some small result. The only Turkish-specific problem he mentions is case folding of ı/i. This is a problem unique to Turkish, there are other problems in case folding, like eszett (ß/ss) in German but these are much less likely to trip you up.

The US date format (m/d/y) is used virtually only in US, most other places use d/m/y or y/m/d. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Date_format_by_country#Map

Re dots for thousands separators -- the world is split about roughly evenly on this, with all of europe (except for Great Britain and Ireland) using commas for decimals dots for thousands separators. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimal_mark#Hindu.E2.80.93Arab...

"This post is a little like programming pop science" That's Jeff Atwood for you.

That bump may be bigger if you separate by date. If it's a new trend then the newer Turkish reviews will be the outliers.

That's why we don't have nice things in Turkey.

Thank you, this is cool. It's very annoying to read comments like "I gave 1 star but it's a good game" however I wonder how much is the actual effect on the ratings.

> 666,355

For a second I misread that as 65,536 (64K) reviews.

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