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Annual Gnome Bugzilla statistics for 2013 (gnome.org)
4 points by samwilliams 1258 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

yea but it added (new opened) 25137 and closed 22120. This is a positive metric for open source projects. Im always surprised when people pridefully say we have zero bugs, thats not true they have zero bugs they know about. This is why open source is so great, closed source often means you have no idea how many bugs reported. I always look for os projects with a healthy open and close ratio. I think this is a good things.

I'd rather they were reported than not. You can't fix bugs that aren't known about!

Indeed! I suppose I posted this for two reasons; 1 - Hopefully some of our fellow HN'ers with relevant skills will volunteer some time and help out and 2 - These stats seem to confirm my own personal belief that the project might be moving a little too fast and breaking a little too much. This year the project increased the rolling opens figure by 3017, when last year they decreased it by 451.

> it becomes obvious that there is a bug in Bugzilla's statistics

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