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Show HN: My Internet life (dhariri.com)
62 points by davidhariri 1259 days ago | hide | past | web | 53 comments | favorite

Any suggestions for accomplishing this in reverse? What I mean is the IndieWeb idea of 'Publish on your own site, syndicate elsewhere'. http://indiewebcamp.com/POSSE

It looks like you are posting to various third-party services and then aggregating them into a feed on your site. It looks great and functions well but obviously you are at the mercy of these third-parties should something go wrong (they cease operations, change APIs, etc...).

I very much like the idea of posting everything from a primary source which I control, then pushing it out to the third-party services. Easier said than done of course, but it's something I think there is demand for.

I made my own CMS just for this, to collect stuff in one place and then maybe use that elsewhere. At first I did RSS -> third party sites -> Twitter and Facebook, but I got tired of that after a while (I'm not really using either, so why spam stuff there), but just knowing that I could do that is kinda comforting. For now the only "syndication" I do is to output nodes text/images in JSON to make mashups that automatically grow as I add and tag content in the "repository", or to output links to mp3 files as playlist for a flash audioplayer, etc.

I initially planned to open source it, but then I decided I'd rather just do my own thing without having to worry how it works for others, and especially how they would upgrade it when a new version comes out. But I recommend it wholeheartedly. Make your own CMS and have it do exactly what you need it to do, with all the metadata you could possibly want!

For example, recently I added the ability to add a date to nodes, as exact or rough as I want (millenium, century, decade etc up to specific days... I don't even have a use for that currently haha, I just wanted to have it). I don't just have tags, I have several taxonomies, some just visible to myself, nodes are nested in two ways (imagine every comment here could also have a "subtree" of comments, ad infinitum), and I could even use it to make something forum-like if I wanted to, since each node has settings for who may attach what to them, and who may attach what to those nodes in turn, several levels deep. It was a lot of work, and the code sure is ugly, but so far I have seen nothing out there that even tempts me to switch. Nothing fits me as well as the glove I made for myself :)

Love to be able to see this glove!

Okay then.. I didn't wanna post links, because I've been hellbanned here before, and am paranoid about identifying myself for that reason, but just for you I'm making an exception, may it inspire you greatly :)

http://a.sandboxx.org/johann/ is where all the content lives, at http://johann-lau.de/ you should see a photo slideshow which comes from http://a.sandboxx.org/johann/photos/ and be able to toggle a music player that is fed from http://a.sandboxx.org/johann/music/ (the music is my shame, I can't even master myself out of wet paper bag haha, using free beats by people who know what they are doing is one of my resolutions this year), the music player is also shown at http://aww.johann-lau.de/ if you scroll up, hover over the bird and then the musical note. http://ilikehopefulstreetart.johann-lau.de/ only shows a subset of the photos (all photos that have the the tag "ilikehopefulstreetart" in a hidden taxonomy), and there is also http://favouritequotes.johann-lau.de/ which is very simple (click to display a new quote, they all come from http://a.sandboxx.org/johann/favourite/quotes/ ). I'm yet to combine random quotes with random photos. Oh, There is also http://a.sandboxx.org/johann/meta/ which are mini-mashups if you will, that reference : my code is not very D.R.Y., but the resulting website kinda is ^^

The Publicize module of the Jetpack WordPress plugin allows that for a limited set of services: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, and Path.


There are services aimed at e.g. PR departments for enterprise that do something a little like what you've described.

I believe https://hootsuite.com/ is this sort of thing, but I haven't looked into it myself. I don't know how well it integrates into your actual "own site".

edit: also https://onlywire.com/ seems to be the same sort of thing. I've just found these by Googling, though.

[more thoughtful response] I suspect you would still be at the mercy of services' API's (probably more so because you would be pushing rather than pulling), but it's a great idea. I think http://bufferapp.com/ is barking up that tree...

this is indeed true, however with POSSE instead of PESOS you can still post new content if the external services are down, and your copy is the first copy which existed, meaning you can link to it from syndicated copies, which enables all kinds of cool stuff like http://indiewebcamp.com/original-post-discovery

You just blew my mind

Haha, don't go tearing the site down and rebuilding it because of one comment! You've only just done this one and it looks & works great for now.

Nice. There are many lifestream products but I like the design, particularly the the unrolling effect.

The unrolling effect makes the page unreadable when you scroll by dragging the scrollbar handle however. It works fine when you scroll with the mousewheel but scrolling rapidly to any part of the page with the scrollbar makes the animation fire from 0 for every element on the page which means you drag-pause for animation to complete to scan what the text says-then continue scrolling.

Shortening the animation length on non-mouse-wheel page scroll may help.

What browser are you using? Everything is working fine for me in Firefox Nightly

Firefox 26.0. I recorded a short video but the framerate makes it a bit hard to see the animation restarting (a few seconds into the video I start scrolling faster which makes the issue more apparent):


Thank you!

FWIW I very nearly navigated away from this page and immediately dismissed it. I should be able to scroll no matter where my cursor is.

Great point. Fixed this now. Try again!

Great stuff! :)

looks like a lifestream which were hot a few years ago. One I used was yongfook's sweetcron:


I had SweetCron set-up and forgot about it. It's still up and going at http://kingkool68.com/ Looks like it broke at some point.

Nice- thanks for the link!

I had a similar concept with allcni.com Your feed is much cleaner and functional, my design was more of an newspaper template.

Screen Shot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6jnvIhOPJO7QllMYU9fS1FlMU0...

What I envisioned was a social network, where in order to become a member, one must be the verified registered owner of a domain, where their social media newspaper would be displayed. More detail here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6529523

I look forward to your mobile optimization, please do a follow up Show HN when you accomplish that. Best of luck.

It's optimized (simply) for mobile now!

Looks good. Might be an idea to allow people (once you open source) to add their own 'plugins', code they could write themselves to pull from different websites. I.e., someone could write one for App.net and contribute it.

Nailed it! I designed it from the start with this in mind. Each site has it's own module so I (or anyone) can just add them in and subtract as they please

This is beautiful. I can't wait for the source to be available so I can use it as the frontend for everything I've imported into a WordPress-powered lifestream using Keyring Social Importers (http://wordpress.org/plugins/keyring-social-importers/).

Thanks so much! Follow on github or twitter for an update on that.

I'm developing a very similar thing recently. Because nowadays everything you do will probably appear on the Internet, I call it 'automating your day recording'.

There's more you can add to this, such as 4sq check-ins, Instapaper/Pocket readings, YouTube watched, etc.

Then I realized that it's just FriendFeed, if you bother to add a social element.

Pretty unusable on Chrome on my Android tab.

This is really cool! Is the source code available anywhere?

It will be soon! I'll open source it when I add statistics (working on it, should be done by Monday)

Great. Looking forward to it!


Really nice, well done. I had similar half-finished attempts some years back, but it was never as slick as this.


The page crashed Safari (and iOS7, restarting my iPad) on multiple tries to load it.

David - posting duplicate replies will dead-ify all subsequent dupes (I just learned this too).

Should be fixed now!

It crashes Safari on my iPad Air (latest version of iOS).

:-( I haven't optimized for mobile yet. I suspect that's stroll.js causing issues. Many apologies. Try it on a desktop for now!


Hi, is there this code (frontend) on github?

It will be open source as soon as I feel it's ready! Follow me on github if you like https://github.com/davidhariri

Great picture. For a second, I thought you were trolling.

Doesn't really render well on Firefox.

Firefox Nightly works fine

Crashes Safari on iPad 2. Latest iOS.


Crashes Safari in iOS7 on iPad 3

Thank you, very useful.

You're welcome! I hope to make it public for everyones use

what feeds do you plan to include in the future?

I plan to include facebook for sure, but since I don't use it I have no idea how I would test it haha. My idea would be to just have people tell me what feeds they would want and I'll add them in!

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