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Hands-on with Toshiba’s high-resolution 4K laptops (and more) (arstechnica.com)
19 points by bane 1377 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

At some point, the resolution game just gets silly. I can't help but wonder if the focus on resolution is really more about finding a new selling point now that Moore's Law is falling to the wayside.

But it's not silly to have the retina or some outher circa 300 DPI display. It's the difference between the bluriness and the paper-printed-like sharpness.

Written on the iPhone with the retina display.

I was definitely a retina nay-sayer. Before I bought an MBPr. Never going back. Wow. The difference is remarkable and you get used to it FAST.

I love my Thinkpads to death. I've tried HP's and Dell's business laptops, but neither had the trackpoint and keyboard feel that I love. How do Toshiba's mobile workstations compare?

This generation's Lenovo W540's not-quite-4k display is a bit disappointing. I was hoping not to need an LCD matrix swap this generation.

Now all they need to do is release a laptop with a high-dpi display and a usable non-chiclet keyboard.

Are there any laptops with proper keyboards on the market anymore?

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