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The Web Setup: Runscope (meldium.com)
14 points by borisjabes 1376 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

John from Runscope here...if I can answer any questions about our setup, let me know!

Hi John, Love the concept of RunScope. Want to talk to you about a possible partnership. Pls email me; my email address in my profile. Thanks.

> In this installment of the Web Setup, we spoke with John Sheehan, the CEO of Runscope, a small startup based in San Francisco.

Who's we?

We is Meldium (YC W13) - a startup helping companies manage passwords & accounts for the plethora of web apps we use to run companies today.

Okay. I'm not a fan of unattributed author blogs. It comes off as advertising.

Very fair point. I wrote the post and I'll look at modding our blog template to make sure author is visible.

Sounds phishy to me.

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