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Might sound lame, but as a foreigner, I deliberately avoid posting my opinions on the subject by fear of repercussion for the day I'll cross the US border and they'll have decided unilaterally that my opinions are suspicious.

From my perspective, it's like they read everything, look at your Facebook posts, your emails and what not, trying to profile you as a threat. And when they do so, you'll get on some listed that's automatically generated by some crazy scheme, and you'll no way to change that because you're not American, you're just some unimportant foreigner.

So although I have very strong opinions on the matter, I'm effectively censored by fear of hindering my future.

This is a real concern. I held the same view for awhile. In the end, however, I decide the small risk was outweighed by the importance of the issue.

The more people that voice their opinions, the more impossible it becomes to punish that group (i.e. safety in numbers). Join in!

A person who would post those comments and articles on Facebook and use a false name there... could already be considered as using a fake ID AND be contrary to US interests and therefore, is probably not allowed to enter the US or fly over it.

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