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A VC’s startup secrets he wishes he had known as an entrepreneur (pando.com)
13 points by austenallred 1259 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

That article was unbelievably painful to read.

Do statements become more plausible when arranged into alliterative acronyms?

True, you have to dive your mind into the article to follow along as it has a dense content writing style. Having read over the years many of these kind of articles I thought this is one of the best aggregated information in a single article. Each sentences carries lots of deep experience. In my opinion well done.

Every time I see an excessive use of acronyms I think of bullsh*$. The article would probably be a lot better if written on a more conversational style rather than this coaching style (I can almost hear the cheerleaders screaming" "Give an U! Another U!").

Very true! As with life, ideating and running a startup is ver much a journey of chances and decisions. Such articles and authors' advice is as good as astrological advice for life!

Worst part was when he says to hire for cultural quality. He basically says to hire people exactly like you.

And don't forget the 5 D's - Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge.

Don't forget to be BAD! Buzzwords All Day

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