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When launching something new about mid-last year, I went back on my long-standing feeling that FB was esentially worthless for companies (I generally don't believe that people really care about busineses on FB).

So, I went ahead and created a page, whereupon FB immediately began pushing me to buy likes (as I call it) or promote my page (as they call it). It felt extraordinarily scammy, especially given that I would then have to pay even more to reach those same people later.

But, I pushed through and tried it. The results were abysmal. Less than 100 likes, very little engagement, and a couple of conversions. Probably cost me about $1K.

Now, it can be argued that it was our message, service, etc. But, this story repeats itself all too often. I think the value of an FB like is highly overrated, even for "validation" purposes. People are increasingly turning a deaf ear to what their friends like and/or what shows up in their feeds. In fact, the very proliferation of like activity that FB and other companies push has diminished the value of likes over time until they are now completely meaningless or nearly so.

I think the issue is more that facebook inflated likes by interfacing with companies, killing the "organic" likes at the same time. I no longer see most likes from my friends -- not because they've stopped like-ing things -- but because facebook is unreasonably throttling the activity stream for some reason. Why would I be friends with these people on facebook if I didn't want to see some of their activities -- or want them to see some of my activities? I don't get it.

Yeah, killing organic likes is part of it. When you promote the heck out of likes and what's like-able starts to be more dependent on who is willing to pay for them, then they naturally become less organic.

There must have been something off there.. my most recent Facebook campaign got just shy of 200 likes for a £15 (~$25) ad

I'd be interested in knowing what the average is.

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