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West Virginia chemical spill triggers state of emergency, water ban (aljazeera.com)
21 points by ramisms 1259 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

What chemical exactly was spilled feels like really important information here.

I mean are we talking something like chlorine, or hydrocarbons or something more specifically nasty like dioxins or Mercury?

If you had read the article, and clicked the link to the declaration, you would have seen the following:

"According to a news release, the leak happened at Freedom Industries in Charleston. The leaked product is 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol, which is used in the froth flotation process of coal washing and preparation."


I was looking through at my average news article rate and completely missed it.

Well thank god it was something normal and mundane like chemicals instead of evil sorcerous nuclear I keep hearing about.

Well, in addition to nuclear being an area-of-effect spell, not unlike Cone of Cold, nuclear gets +10 to hit on range attacks like magic missile, and a percentile roll for critical damage.

The percentile table is:

  0-9%   - Immediate radiation sickness dealing additional 15HP of damage, and a lifetime of random, scattered benign tumors & cysts
  10-49% - Coin flip for damaged infertile gonads or ruined thyroid, damaged thyroid inflicts 5HP per day
  50-59% - Blindness
  60-69% - Leukemia, with a coin flip for six month or decade-long survivability
  70-79% - Other chronic malignant cancers with three year suvivability
  80-89% - Other acute malignant cancers with six month survivability
  90-99% - Instant death

How is Aljazeera the best source on West Virginia? Nothing wrong with the article just feels bizarre.

Aljazeera America is the best source of a lot of regular non-sensational news stuff now-a-days. CNN is busy reporting on Twitter. MSNBC is only pundits now. And Fox News would probably label this "Spillghazi" they're so far off the deep end.


To be honest I lived in WV for a while, there wasn't a good local news source. I wasn't in the boonies, I was in the panhandle where it is just a suburb of DC/Baltimore (where i'm from)

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