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Tesla Model S Center Console (thingiverse.com)
28 points by silvio 1348 days ago | hide | past | web | 14 comments | favorite

Since there is all that extra room... The 80s called, can we please have bench-seats back?

I had an old crown vic a few years ago and I missed those huge sofa-like bench-seats all the time. Modern bucket seats in comparison are incredibly constructing and claustrophobic. Not every car needs to feel like a racecar. Sometimes I want a comfy roadtrip on my floating sofa.

This is what I miss about my Oldsmobile Cutlass. I could comfortably sit 2 passengers (+ driver) in the front - there was even an extra seat belt in the middle. Besides being great for taking naps, the bench-seats also allowed your date to snuggle up to you on those long romantic drives :)

How would current generation airbags come into play with bench seats? A lot of manufactures include side airbags right into the seat bolsters.

I suspect the rising popularity of dual airbags helped the demise of the middle front seat.

The middle front seat is alive and well in pickups.

Here's Tesla's (obviously much more expensive and with less DIY cred) center console concept: http://shop.teslamotors.com/collections/model-s/products/pre... .

"This is a self-printable Tesla Model S Center Console."

It can print out ITSELF???

Depends on whether the language assigns this==self. ;)

Tesla removed the console and now users want it back. Was this a bad design choice on Tesla's part?

Tesla has a fancy console on the way as an add-on item. Personally, I'm OK without it -- the interior is super roomy, and lack of a console adds to that feeling.

It is a great place to drop my bag / backpack.

I need one of these. Want to sell one?

I would recommend epoxy instead of superglue.

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