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On finding a technical co-founder (chintanparikh.github.io)
24 points by timtamboy63 on Jan 8, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

On the other side, I recently wrote a blogpost about finding a technical co-founder: http://www.seedcamp.com/2013/12/guest-post-how-i-finally-fou...

I did not learn to code and I did find someone I did not previously know (from Palantir too!).

Love it. I think things definitely change once you're out of college.

Definitely agree, if you're in college and thinking about being an entrepreneur, take some computer science classes. Even if you don't learn web dev specifically, you'll learn the principles and meet some technical people.

I think an important point to note is that it would also significantly improve one's ability to assess the magnitude of a project. See http://martingryner.com/no-i-wont-be-your-technical-co-found... (I'm aware this piece was one of many inspirations for the original post).

Logical advice, good post. One nitpick:

>I’m not sure how easy this skill is to develop, and I’d argue it’s almost certainly harder to develop than technical ability.

Perhaps where technical ability is narrowly defined as general web development. Just like sales and dealing with people, technical ability delves down into its own rabbit hole that can take years (decades) to master.

good call. def agree with many of the points presented. Having listened to many college startup pitches, I'm bias towards founders who can at least code/build their MVP. It puts things into more realistic perspective - at least they know how difficult (or easy?) it is to do what they want to do.

Why do so many force the idea of taking on a co-founder?

I agree. Have a look at this video for proof of the fallacy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8qgehH3kEQ

Yes, being a solo-founder is a total mind-f* but, the journey is well worth it! Don't give up no matter what anyone else says or suggests. Break free from social-conditioning and group-think. There really are no rules!

Techical co-founder for what? Is this for a web/mobile startup. It all depends on your startup's industry.

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