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Show HN: Pinegrow Web Designer, multipage editor with Bootstrap & Less (pinegrow.com)
36 points by mattront on Jan 8, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

Bought it - works perfectly together with ordinary files and git repositories, something that other similar projects does not.

For example, Macaw:


Thanks! And congratulations, you are our first customer :)

Your welcome!

I also sent an e-mail question about custom templates, components and framework API.

Maybe it got sorted into the spam folder?

It was in spam. Replied!

OP here: we just launched this project. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Lately I've seen loads of these kinds of website builders, I mean probably over 5 of them unless I mix some up. And that's just within less than a year.

I only briefly looked over the page and it seems to be pretty nice. But could you tell me why you chose to make this project and what makes it different (and better?) than other projects in this area.

The main difference is this is a desktop app - most other builders are web based with monthly fees. Plus editing more than one page at the time saves a lot of time. LessCss integration is also an unique point. We want to build a strong foundation and then open it up for custom extensions. Also Pinegrow doesn't try to replace your existing workflow, but fit in where it makes sense.

As to why... It's something we wanted for ourselves. And we see a lot of undeveloped potential in this space, still.

Matt, I couldn't use the rightmost scroll bar to scroll the Online Playground. Using: Safari 7.0.1 on OSX Mavericks What I did: Collapsed the Tree sidebar. What happens: Rightmost scrollbar disappears. Only after refreshing the page (Ctrl-R) I can scroll again. Thx.

Thanks. It's fixed now.

Pretty impressive from watching the video. I could see myself, a non-designer, using this for personal projects to bang out a rough layout before really digging in with the code.

Wow. It's Dreamweaver, but good, and for 2014! I'm actually super impressed, I'll give it a go on a website I'm fiddling with tomorrow I think.

Looks great! The online playground seems like a massive development overhead though. How much longer did it take to develop?

Actually playing with it, I see it doesn't do that much. My first instinct was that it was broken or I just didn't understand so I'd be careful with that.

I assume the drag and drop isn't actually meant to work?

Yes, it is supposed to work :) What browser are you using?

The code between the app and the web playground is actually the same, so it was not a big overhead. The app was 10% additional effort once things worked in the browser, thanks to node-webkit.

Hi man, looks nice. Suggestion: Please add the Pine trees example to the templates!

Will do! Thanks

Cool, I see you've already added it, thx

The video looks amazing.

Great work!

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