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>However, now that the U.S. government, and the NSA and its collaborators in particular, have been shown to explicitly not have this goal – in fact, their goal has been to strive for less secure systems and more difficult standards ­– what should be done? The logical thing to do is to exclude any person or organization revealed to have an agenda explicitly contrary to the group.”

it should be an obvious and routine matter for any organization/group that have a conflict of interests policy.

The usual way for conflict-of-interest policies to work is for the one whose interests are in conflict to simply recuse themselves from voting.

It is not so simple for the IETF and IRTF, since they traditionally have eschewed voting and instead opt for “rough consensus and running code”. Also, the position of the NSA is fundamentally opposed to what the CFRG is supposed to achieve, so I don’t see how a normal conflict-of-interest policy is going to help.

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