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> There is a shadow of McCarthy's red scare in the suggestion that no NSA affiliated people be allowed to participate.

The analogy is so stretched as to be meaningless. At least as it refers to the McCarthy portion of the Red Scare, the objectionable portion were: targeting participation in purely domestic political groups, and falsely accusing people of affiliations they didn't have.

It wouldn't be at all objectionable to exclude from employment with the State Department or Army people who were actively openly affiliated with organizations directly sponsored by the Soviet Union. (Though acting in movies presents a different question.)

Likewise, it makes no sense for a standards group to be chaired by a person openly and actively affiliated with an organization which has as a goal subverting those very standards.

This really isn't that hard to understand:

1. Banning persons with open affiliations encourages people to hide their affiliation with those organizations. 2. Then, banning persons with supposed affiliations encourages abuse of the banning process.

Exactly. Comparing the excluding of openly hostile entities to McCarthyism is exactly Geek Social Fallacy #1: “Ostracizers Are Evil”.

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