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Sometimes those in power can refuse to kick out others alongside them that are in power. Friendships could've been formed etc.

So the logical conclusion is to request the removal of the CFRG chair, too, and replace him him with someone who will remove the NSA co-chair. Or just start boycotting and ignoring everything this group is proposing from now on in cryptography - whichever way works.

> Should we then eliminate all individuals affiliated with the NSA from participating?

Um - hell yes?! After all that's happened and everything NSA has been trying to do to undermine the security of the web and US infrastructure, too? Of course the answer to that is YES! Otherwise, I personally have no trust in everything this group or IETF on the whole, will be releasing from now on, if that's their attitude about this.

International security standards should be created without the involvement of spy agencies - especially when they've already been discovered to be trying to implement hardware backdoors on multiple occasions (even in the recent UAE satellite). NSA is hostile to security and to security standards. They've proven it already. So treat them as being hostile.

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