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He lays this at Norman Baker's feet, who has only been in the job a few months (although he has apparently defended the new law).

As a fellow Lib Dem I'm thoroughly ashamed that this is getting anywhere with us in the government, and I've tweeted him (Baker) to challenge his position - his account looks like a bog standard politician's announcement feed, no interactions with other accounts save the odd retweet, so I don't expect he'll respond (if he does fast enough for an edit, I'll link to it here).

ASBOs have been awful - I remember hearing about a case my dad sat on (he's a magistrate) where a homeless guy, who had been seriously assaulted, was up on charges of breaching his no-swearing ASBO for his reaction to the police ignoring him while he sat their bleeding! Very unpleasant laws used to attack the vulnerable, and they're making them even more wide-ranging. I am fuming!

Maybe this law is so far along because the only challenges it receives are unanswered tweets.

Try calling his office instead. It is a thousand times more effective.

If I don't get a response, I will write a letter! I know how this works.

Yeah, but calling is the most effective means of being heard (short of appearing in person). Call bandwidth < letter bandwidth < tweet bandwidth.

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