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If the 5-paragraph essay sounds bad, you should take a look at the French essay-writing style taught in schools and universities. In the first year or two of elite universities, the structure of the essay is often more important than the content.


"The opinion" needs to have a multitude of expressions. Philosophical papers should be able to re-capitulate the point. If the opinion is expressed once and only in the introduction, that is a problem — it looks like a stroke of luck.

Look at Kant's Groundwork or Sidgwick's Method: you have an almost desperate attempt at finding just the right way and right context in which to normatively ground a proposition.

Look at Heideggar, look at Nietzsche. Even look at Orwell. The "opinion" is the "point", and the point has to be teased, flipped, tossed, rejected, restored, restated. A paper that makes its opinion in one statement is like a kid in class who accidentally blurts out the right answer.

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