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Docker 0.7.3 is out
23 points by paukiatwee 1297 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

> Add an official Docker client binary for Darwin (Mac OS X)

Where to get it? Please update the documentation include instructions for this. Also, hopefully `brew install docker` will be available soon :)


(note: the link there is the actual build.)

Cool, thanks. Nothing yet from their official blog/docs, hmm?

Here's the actual link, not the `t.co` shortened one:


Using the "get.docker.io" domain also works.

Yeah, having a Darwin build of the docker client is useful but it's only the first step in our OSX support, we need to add a few more things before "zero to docker" feels really seamless on a Mac. Specifically we need to bundle a lightweight VM [1], automate a headless virtualbox/vmware setup [2], wrap it all in a DMG and homebrew recipe, then do it all as part of docker's release flow. When that's ready we'll overhaul the docs.

[1] Probably with the awesome http://github.com/steeve/boot2docker

[2] A possible candidate is http://github.com/noplay/docker-osx if they change a few things, namely expose the native binary instead of wrapping it, and remove the dependency on vagrant which is overkill for a hardcoded image. The boot2docker folks are also working on something similar, maybe they can collaborate.

Has anyone noticed yet that the date says 2013 instead of 2014? :-)

Just noticed after read your comment. :)

Oops, sorry about that! We'll fix it.

Re: > https://github.com/dotcloud/docker/issues/1992?source=c

> IMHO, volumes should behave this way: when declaring a volume, if the volume is empty on the host, the content of the directory (in the container) will be copied to the volume (on the host) before binding the volume to the container.

> This means that you could make any directory a volume without breaking the container behavior.

I guess obviously that didn't make it into this release, since there is nothing on that issue saying so or in the changelog. The first part about "Update ADD to use the image cache, based on a hash of the added content" doesn't affect issues related to the above, does it?

I am wondering specifically in relation to this question http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20856385/how-can-i-make-a...

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