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Kim Dotcom: The Man Behind Mega [video] (vice.com)
59 points by grecy 1297 days ago | hide | past | web | 18 comments | favorite

Lost respect for him when I learned that he's a rat.

A rat? What is this, Compton?

We're Germans, so just imagine we learnt all our English from 90s rap music.

And he is really dirty. A recent HN commentary by me along the same lines: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6979024

Wait what? I'm not familiar with this.

Not entirely the most impartial exposé, but entertaining nonetheless

As are all Vice shows: always thrilling, generally subjective and partial to a fault. Reminds me of XIXth century travelers, and how surprisingly revealing those remained, if properly annotated.

Their most commonly quoted ‘documentary’ as the extreme of that lack of journalistic value is on Scopolamine (a compound commonly used in pharmacy) and the fear its instills as a will-bending drug in Colombia: it doesn't feature a pharmacist explaining that the fears are pointless, just a scrawny hipster wondering if anyone has actually witnessed an incident. It's a great case of ethnography and which-hunting, but the omission (presumably intention to keep the sensationalist value of the piece) make it fails as an investigation.

I don't doubt that Kim Dotcom is a very interesting guy, but that piece was complete garbage.

Cool piece. Looks like he's having a good time. How is Mega? I haven't tried it out yet. Is it worth checking out?

The only thing that's stopping me from completely switching over from Dropbox (I use Google Drive a bit too, but mainly for Docs) is the lack of a Sync client. They're beta testing it at the moment, but its still a little buggy and time limited. Apart from that though, it's a fantastic service. The web app is speedy, download times are great, and with the encryption I'm a lot more comfortable storing private docs than I would be on Dropbox.

The Android app does photo backup too, which is one of the main things I currently use Dropbox for.

> The web app is speedy, download times are great, and with the encryption I'm a lot more comfortable storing private docs than I would be on Dropbox.

You shouldn't be. Their "encryption" does little more than provide them a way of saying "We can't comply with your subpoena because we don't have the user's key!"

Granted, Dropbox's security is pretty laughable too.

Your best option is probably to store e.g. a TrueCrypt container in either service. (Dropbox will only sync the parts of the file that change, so there's that. Pretty helpful if you've got a 1-2GB TrueCrypt container.)

Oh, I'm well aware that's their intention, it's really saying more about Dropbox and the like. It's still cloud storage so I wouldn't store anything incredibly sensitive on there, and you do need to install the browser plugin for the security not to be completely laughable, but it's still a lot more usable than TrueCrypt for day-to-day stuff imo.

It's quite fast. I use it fairly regularly to transfer (business related) files between remote servers at high speeds.

Have you tried using BTSync?

No I have not. I became disenchanted with the BitTorrent corporation after I realized there were other, free and open torrent clients available many years ago.

One can assume that more free and open BTSync clients will appear in the coming years, at which point I will probably check it out.

The most intriguing character of our times. I hope he portends the future.

Kim Dotcom is a maverick!

This article would have been more accurately titled "Kim Dotcom: The Man" imho.

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