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The Secrets of White Collar Prisons (dujour.com)
31 points by bane on Jan 3, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

This website is so advanced that it no longer displays. Its the logical next step.

There's no article at all, just a ridiculous website design.

Edit: You can downvote all you like, but the fact is this website needs Javascript enabled to render text, which means its fundamentally broken.

A rich people's web magazine vindicates rich people who go to rich people's prison. Shocking!

I'm sure someone got paid a lot of money to make their fantastic web design and laughed all the way to the bank


The article says that "club fed" is a myth but presents really no evidence and even someone quoted "you're doing easy time now, why run?" and some supervisor mentions basketball courts and say "you can't have them rot", unlike a medium or higher level prison, where rotting is exactly what's on the agenda. The Federal Prison System discard rehabilitation as even one of it's ostensible goals and so basically has punishment only as it's default aim.

"Club Fed"? In relative terms, it still looks like that.

“The punishment should be the deprivation of freedom and liberty,” he says. “But once you arrive at prison—I was shocked by the psychological punishment.” This is unexpected. “You are constantly berated, degraded, demoralized,” he says. “You’re herded like cattle.”

Sounds like he's really got it rough. Where did he end up for breaking the law, in prison or something? I don't agree with the prison industrial complex and what it does to regular human beings in the name of "rehabilitation" (or profits), but complaining about being treated like a prisoner in prison is ridiculous!

Good luck to Kerik on his reform crusade. But now that he's an American dalit, please forgive my pessimism.

Kerik's reform crusade is just material for a fresh-out-of-prison tour. He's about as much of a Dalit as anybody who has congressmen helicoptering to his prison for visits.

I hope he gets an opportunity for more hands-on study of the US prison system soon.

I had to look it up because I could not understand the reference, but for anyone else, a Dalit is a member of the untouchables caste in India.


Rightfully so. Imagine if that crook became head of homeland security!

what a horrible way to design a website.

On 5 minutes of loading and counting. Its a great way to make me wonder the secret of what is on that page.

I got "Service Unavailable" on that link. I guess we'll never know the secrets...

Open up your Javascript console to see a hailstorm of 500s. It's a fricking Wordpress theme.

DoingTimeWithBernie.Blogspot.com: Bernie Kerik and The Secrets of White Collar Prisons ...my take on DuJour article

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