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Ask HN: Who is Co-Founding?
69 points by boggzPit on Jan 1, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 59 comments

Anybody in Atlanta? I am working with lasers [1], starting a science show with some PhDs (heavy biochem, biophysics) aimed at the HN/hacker/programmer demographic, and considering *coin/blockchain services. (Pizza ordering service? Utilizing extra transaction info for meta exchange/escrow/conversions?)

I can only work nights/weekends ATM unless we get residual income or investment. I do Unices, JS, Python, C++(11). Renting a nice decently large place in Midtown and might be able to allocate space for a cofounder if work ramped up.

bt at brand dot io

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x034jVB1avs#t=0m15s

I've been building http://DoerHub.com for about a year and I am realizing it may be too much work for one hacker (the site is growing and I am splitting time between UX, backend, bug fixes, user acquisition features, sales, fundraising prep, and natural language processing/people search in Neo4J and Node). Looking for someone who enjoys backend performance tuning, machine learning, payments, and/or (soon) mobile. DoerHub has a dual stack (Rails on MongoDB and now adding a second stack for relational searches in Neo4j and Node). Located in the East Bay and traveling to the peninsula often.

The site is an execution hub - feels like a humanized version of GitHub that involves no code repository, but enables crowdsourcing and collaboration (from teaming up, to advising, promoting, task contributions, etc) on projects between hackers, non-hackers, subject matter experts, etc. We are seeing YC startup school folks and students in different departments at top universities are using it to team up around niche projects, startup ideas, and research. Ping me at founder[at]doerhub.com if you are interested.

Dog-fooding: http://www.doerhub.com/for/doerhub

Looking for a business co-founder and/or early investors who can help me take gitsense to another level.


The product is ready, but the marketing isn't. GitSense has always been designed for the enterprise world and I know the sales cycle is hard, which is why I'm looking for a business oriented co-founder(s) and/or early investor(s). Git is taking over the enterprise world and I designed GitSense to fill a gap that management loves, which is metrics and tracking. I also built it for myself, as a developer and it has turned into crack for me.

The co-founder that I'm looking for would be my technical equivalent for the business side. I'm extremely good at what I do and my salary reflected this. I walked away from a 6 figure job, in a region where 6 figures is actually a lot, to pursue my startup. I'm looking for somebody who can walk into a 6 figure job because they are that good at business, but they have no interest in making others money.

If you think GitSense can make a difference and if you think you can help bring it to another level, let me know at terrchen <dot> <at symbol> <dot> sdesoln <dot> com.

Sorry about the email, as I don't want it to be added to some spam list.

Tech Recruitment is a $ 25 Billion market in the U.S. that hasn't innovated much in the last 20 years (besides recruiters getting more expensive).

I'm looking for 2 co-founders in exchange for significant equity. The two roles: One developer to help me further with the backend, and one sales person/growth hacker (preferably in US) who can help us gain momentum.

Full info of my startup: http://likewise.io

To get in touch: hello@likewise.io

Junior Developer looking for designer + Another core developer + Business Dev(Secure Financial Licensing we might need). Goal : Btc/Altcoin Exchange + Bank + ATM Network + Crowdfunding + Loan Services + CloudHashing all rolled up into one. Cryptsy + CoinBase + Cexio -- trade all currencies crypto or fiat + enable merchants to accept all crypto payments from one api/interface.

Imagine being able to mine coin have it sent to your account, and immediately cash it out - with the lowest fees in the industry. It costs $2 on coins-e just to do a withdrawal. Ours will be 1% w/ a max of $1.

We will have atm's where people can use them just like an atm, or they can get cash for bitcoin, or vice versa, or other crypto currencies.

We will offer consumer and business loans, and micro loans world-wide.

We will also have data centers devoted to mining operations, and users can invest their money in cloud mining machines. See Cex.io for an example of how this works.

--These are just some ideas, but they could be very profitable, I don't have money to invest, but I can code- most familiar w/ Laravel, I also can manage debian servers and scale a web app. email : patrickwcurl@gmail.com

At Unfilled, we are trying to rethink and improve the way people learn how to read, write and code and we are currently looking for a Designer to be part of our co-founding team.

You will find yourself designing the wireframes for the mobile app, newsletters, presentations about the product and more. You will also be working with other teammates sharing knowledge and learning from each other.

Furthermore, you can play a role in changing the world, as the platform we're creating could potentially impact millions of lives.

If you are interested in being part of our team, take a look at the key points we are looking for: http://unfilled.org/get-involved/

If you think this position fits to you, just send an email to jeroen[at]unfilled.org and we'll get back to you!


Do you want to completely change the way that native mobile apps are developed?

I'm looking for a co-founder for Neonto, join me on this trip:


The product is a native Mac app. It's close to alpha stage, and I'm confident that there will be a usable beta in a few months. (Much of the code is recycled from a previous project of mine, Radi [1], so there's a proven foundation.)

The company has a tiny pre-seed investment and a handful of real customers lined up who are eager to use the product even in an alpha quality release.

Having previously done a company alone, I don't want to be in that situation again. I'd love to meet a co-founder who preferably would have either a design or business background combined with a good understanding of mobile user experience.

[1] http://radiapp.com

Your website design needs work. I don't want to wait a long time for single words to appear.

I take it you don't find the video appealing to watch on its own?

I guess I wanted the teaser site to reflect the product's output: it's a tool for creating mobile apps with high visual impact and motion graphics style, so the website is also like that (perhaps to the point of being form over function).

We get the idea but just let people skip if they want to. Like the infamous "Skip Intro" buttons from the flash era haha.

I think it's kind of awesome. You're trying to get people's attention, and while you're not going to go through the process of laying out the whole product and what it is (because it's not there yet), this kind of thing I find very effective.

Is that for designing cross-platform, just Android, or is it better than XCode in some way?

Cross-platform native code generation: Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android. The tool itself works only on Mac - it still needs Xcode for building and deploying to the App Store, so a Windows version wouldn't be useful.

The big difference from Xcode is that Neonto Studio is completely visual. It's for designers. It's not an IDE; there's no code editor, no property bindings, or any of those things that make Xcode / Interface Builder so intimidating.

The generated code is therefore basically the view / view-controller side of an app. A programmer can easily integrate it into a project, and it saves a lot of time compared to doing the same work in code.

There's also a whole class of content-centric apps that can be done completely within this tool: books, video apps, music albums... Anything that's self-contained, doesn't need a server and doesn't have complex business logic.

Got it, that's what I was assuming it was. That's very cool. Will it handle screen sizes, scroll views, tablet vs. phone, etc? If not, I can't give my design team this tool then code from their views, it just won't work. My Storyboards look nothing like what comes out, because I have to do so much manipulation of the views to fit all the screens I need and to do Scroll View bullshit.

If you solve that, I'd use it and I'm a coder not a designer. Regardless, that is a REALLY exciting idea. It's one of those things where an 80% solution won't cut it which always worries me (that's what WYSIWYG web design tools rarely catch on) but a 100% solution doesn't seem impossible.

Yeah, support for various tablet and phone screen sizes is a core feature. I'm trying to keep it as close to a traditional desktop publishing workflow as possible while still respecting the interactive nature of the medium.

Personally I don't like the built-in autolayout solutions on iOS and Android at all. The latter is too limited, while the constraint system on iOS is over-engineered and difficult to reason about. Since neither platform provides a designer-friendly solution, I feel there's a good opportunity for a third party here.

I find iOS autolayout to be horrible, so I agree. Even dealing with iPhone4 vs. iPhone 5 is ridiculously hard for no reason.

Really interesting project, would love to learn more about your vision.

Let's talk! Drop me an email (address is in my profile).

Is this like PaintCode or different?

Many similarities, but different use case and workflow. It's to PaintCode like Indesign (or After Effects) is to Photoshop.

Looking for technical cofounder(s).

We are the reCaptcha or Duolingo of semantic information. We crowdsource semantic data with educational and fun learning tools designed to identify and capture the semantic information revealed in the game play.

For first and second level concepts (the least abstract) we target children aged 3-6 with games that their parents deem educational and worthwhile in preparing the child for traditional schooling. Our tools will be free but we generate revenue by licensing the semantic data we capture. Distribution will leverage the US federal government's new Universal preK policy.

A proprietary, difficult to recreate, conceptual structure provides some protection from others copying the methodology and developing the semantic dictionary.

Just relaunched HypedSound on New Year's eve, still working out the kinks but will be consistently iterating. Looking for a Django developer who is interested in discussing the long-term vision and a potential collaboration.

Old site had 14,000 user signups and 24,00 audio uploads. New site is a completely new design and feature set but we migrated the users, audio, and some other basics.

HypedSound is a creative community where you can upload all your media to one simple, clean profile and sync with your existing social networks. You can have all your content from across the web in one place and a community to share it with.



I have several ideas to create some open source projects that could be later monetized. I'm looking for a fellow hacker to work on those ideas (or propose new ones, or improve my ideas) for some months, and then try to monetize them. I'm looking for opensource advocates/maintainers and functional-programming types (i.e.: F#). My ideas are about music software, and backup/sync data tools.

Based in Germany. Hit me at andrew.forsure at gmail dot com or through cofounderslab.com: http://www.cofounderslab.com/profile/ingolstadt-founder-siwa...

We're ramping up an effort to change the way private parties change ownership of a premium used vehicle ($15K+ through marketplace such as Craigslist); we're looking for a mobile dev guy to complement our skill set.

Our background: hardcore backend dev; basic front-end; understanding of the used car market. We have a world-class UI/UX designer helping us out as well. Our weakness: native mobile app dev (we've done some app development before but nothing too serious).

location: SF

send inquiries to: ahconsidered@hushmail.com

EDIT: btw, this is super early, so this isn't some kind of "be our first employee" deal disguised as co-foundership.

Location: Chicago, IL Desired Co-Founder: 2D Artist/Animator, Web Designer, Coder (I use Node.js or php), Previous funding exp

I'm currently trying to release things on CodeCanyon.net so I could self-fund my start-ups. If there's anyone who also works independently it might be helpful to show each other our current projects. It doesn't matter if you do code/artwork/marketing - if we get along maybe we could do a small project together.

I'm also open to applying to tech incubators this Spring. My ideas are a little unorthodox so I'd probably need someone more grounded to get into an incubator.

Education Startup in NYC, Remote OK

I created http://www.learneroo.com to teach programming and more online. I have users and will be starting to earn revenue this month (hopefully)!

I'm looking for a Ruby on Rails and Javascript developer to help develop it further. Significant equity available!

Also looking for subject experts in Java (and other areas) to create or edit content or to mentor students.

Email me at ak@learneroo.com if interested, preferably with a link to your Github profile or the like.

We are the creators of Vista Point an iPad app for travel enthusiasts. We are currently looking for someone helping us in shaping our vision to offer new digital products in the travel sector. We want to create interesting content and travel guides and bring communities (photos, travelblogs,etc.) together with products in the mobile sector.

We would collaborate remote.

If you think this can be interesting for you, visit our homepage and shoot us an email:


I'm a full-stack duct-tape programmer decided on going all-in on the global Bitcoin experiment in 2014. I have many ideas but no specific product goal yet. If you would describe yourself as enthusiastic and idealistic I would like to have coffee with you. I'm based in Vienna, Austria but again this is my #1 resolution this year so we probably could arrange other meetup places as well.



Looking for a Business/Marketing cofounder.

I built http://www.memobuild.com, an online editor for technical books and documents. I'm working on a good launch and customer acquisition plan, and could use some help.

The product is already usable and very polished, it's actually a pivot from an e-learning editor I did for several years. With the right marketing execution it could grow to profitability fast. Contact is in my profile.

Cloud Desktops Startup in Arizona

Wondering how many other Arizona people (or anywhere for that matter) are interested and knowledgeable in the VID, Desktop Virtualization & Hypervisor space to possibly work with.

Developer myself & other founder is an Infrastructure Architect looking to make having a Cloud Desktop simple via our control panel, that's in the works.

http://ExpertZero.com Email me at oscar@expertzero.com, would love to talk!

Evercam.io - Cameras Unleashed - Dublin, Ireland

Evercam.io is a developer platform for cameras (any kind of camera). We make it easy for a developer to get a jpeg or stream from a camera, thus unleashing a world of creativity.

We're two experienced founders looking for a CTO / Lead Developer. You'll have to be full-stack and a polyglot, but we're leaning towards Ruby / AWS. The more you know about APIs and Hypermedia, the better.

I'm working on a one of PG's frighteningly ambitious problems: search. I'm starting by building the search engine I want to use while writing code.

I have an initial (ugly and very limited) prototype here: http://gigglebang.com/

If this is an interesting problem to you, email me with a few ideas on what you want in a search engine: gb@dewdrops.net

I'm in the Baltimore / DC area and looking for startups either in the stealth phase or recently out of this phase to join as a founding member. My background is a mix of technology, primarily cyber security and some development in Python, and business. I'd be open to part time as well, though I'd still need to maintain my current FT position, and remote would also be doable.

Looking for people in the Portland Oregon area. I have an idea that has been bubbling for a while to change how scientists use and track computation as part of their work. I have various components prototyped, but lack front end and DB experience. I've got about 15 years experience in this area, and have been getting the startup itch lately to make some of the ideas materialize.

If any college-aged folks are interested in collaborating with someone as inexperienced as they are, I'd love for you to shoot me an email at mattferrell2@gmail.com.

I'm working on a crowdfunding-esque site if that's something you're interested in, and I'm always down to work on reverse engineering/vulnerability research type stuff.

I'm looking for a co-founder to work on FoundCamera.com with me. I put the site together as a quick 'concierge MVP' It's getting a reasonable number of visitors & now has a backlog of (several hundred) submissions to post up it feels time to automate & improve it!

It could be an interesting side project to grow & monetize!

I'm looking for someone to take over the day-to-day at PaleoPax, and (possibly, eventually) buy the site. All it needs now is more traffic - conversions are good and sales are quite profitable. Hit me up if you're interested in chatting about the details!

Hmm, this dovetails with an idea I had for a Paleo monthly box, if you're interested in chatting... how much work on the day-to-day do you want to offload?

Actually, PaleoPax started as a subcom site and I shut that bit down a year ago with ~450 monthly subscribers @ $20/month. Shoot me an email and we can chat more: lxmorj@gmail.com

Developer with some design chops looking for other developers.

Have few floating ideas that we can chat about. If we gel, can start with collaboration on some MVPs and then see how things go.

If you have some ideas, more than happy to discuss and work on them as well.

Email me at amitgaur.web@gmail.com

Developer looking for a cofounder. No big idea yet.

Looking for developer, designer, or anything really (like a writer).

We'd start by having a chat and if things go well we could work together on some small project or something and go from there. Email is on my profile.

Not ready to cofound anything at the moment and my dev skills aren't that good but I'd be willing to chat and join your mastermind group at least.

I'm interested as well. I sent you an email

I'm also a developer looking for a cofounder but only local ones (I'm in Silicon Valley).

We are a group of education enthusiasts at funoonfoundation.org. If you develop in Rails, you can help us out building this: http://invis.io/D2CR9A9F

Are you experienced in sales/marketing, don't mind working remotely, and want to help make a huge impact on the U.S. manufacturing industry?

If so, please contact me for more information: contactme at blanshey dot com.

I'm looking for a marketing/bizdev guy/girl. My startup helps small businesses get more customers. Check out http://www.rebarto.com

I don't have my own idea, but I am looking to join someone's journey.

I am developer from Europe and I can work part-time if anyone has an interesting idea or startup. I can work with: PHP, Ruby on Rails and Android.

Your contacts please Zaay, we migut have some common ground.

info at alphawolves . net

i'm looking for a co-founder in the DC / Baltimore area. i'd like to develop a must-have mobile app for sports fans. i have a strong development background in c++ / mysql / php / some objective c. i'm also somewhat networked with new sports media. an ideal co-founder would have a strong iOS and objective c background, and loves sports. if you're interested, respond and we can exchange details.

Two developers in Boulder looking for a co-founder (or two) in the cryptocurrency area.

Already started one Bitcoin project (cryptistics.com) and are looking for better ideas.


Developer in Philadelphia here, no big idea, but looking for someone to bounce ideas off of/collaborate with. I mostly work with Rails, PHP, jQuery

Digital currency | Palo Alto | evr.gr

I'm not interested in being a co-founder, but I'm SUPER interested in talking about what you're doing. I think maybe we can help each other. We're seeing a lot of the same things, have a lot of the same goals, but don't really compete. tommy@paidez.com

Shameless Plug. We have a site that helps you find your next cofounders at http://getcofounder.com

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