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So cool! You are describing me! :-)

I think there are only two things.

1.) You shouldn't feel bad about it, and now you are realizing that it's an overall upwards spiral after all, you probably don't feel so bad about it! :-)

2.) You forget to include a lot of other things. What about sporting activities, or social activities. There was another HN post on "investing time", that explains that concept. I can tell you my spiral is way bigger. And especially Wikipedia I see as a big corner stone of learning things. It's one of the fastest ways to get a feeling for what the Bellman equation is, or convex optimization, or the different notions of consciousness, or the axiom of choice in set theory, or a morphism in category theory, Feynman diagrams, or a renormalization group, just to list a few things I've checked in 2013. I bet you could follow my intellectual spiral by the specificity of topic terms I check on Wikipedia. :-)

The world is a wonderful place, there is so much to discover! You will never be done. It's great to not just accept that, but to appreciate it!

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