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I wrote a book on Cordova CLI (a niche within an niche): https://leanpub.com/developingwithcordovacli/ (Cordova is the open source version of PhoneGap, which lets you build mobile apps with js/html/css).

It was an ebook, written with Leanpub (very cool publishing platform for ebooks.

I didn't investigate other distribution platforms; I'm just using leanpub--they take care of all kinds of things (refunds, shopping carts, distributing updates to the ebook if/when I publish them) that I didn't want to. They have a pretty nice royalty structure, but you then have to do the marketing yourself.

I created a couple of graphics myself. I think they add something to technical books.

Income: I think I have made 250 bucks since October. Fun to make some money, but obviously not paying the bills.

One thing I didn't see you mention is: how do you market the book? This is a very important thing to think about. Far more important, in my opinion, than the questions you asked.

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