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You could see it differently: The guy actually made and released 30 games/apps this year. You: zero (thats what it sounds like).

As you described you have already gone through the pain it is to release even a small project and thats what its all about here. I can spend all day telling myself "oh i can do this too, easily" or "thats such a simple/obvious idea" and still accomplish nothing in terms of released products.

So talking him down for showing his simple games and bragging about your own unfinished project wont get you many sympathies around here.

But you are 15, at that age i was mostly playing quake and talking smack all over the internet on how good i am while programming very basic dos based text apps in basic/pascal, so you are forgiven ;) Just take this as advice

Yes I realised that and it is hard to just trust someone based on my own opinion that's why -hopefully- I will soon be releasing some software I've been working on for a long time (A node.js blogging engine).

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