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I'm 14 and I've been coding since 6th grade and have coded very advanced things for my company and other small projects;it's not a big deal and I'm amused to see all the other kids who have coded these small games brag so much about it and how "coding changed my life" just simply for the attention. In my opinion, I could care less about how old you are;as long as you don't brag about it then there is nothing stopping you from succeeding;age seems to be the only factor of which has limited me and my company from succeeding, I've put through the efforts and work required;however, investors and actual business men believe the level of maturity is too little as put per my age.

tl;Dr: I agree;don't brag and I don't like how people brag about how you've done so much as per your age group as if that would have limited you. I've done much more when I was in 6-7th grade yet I don't brag about it. on another note;congrats on your efforts and I urge you to continue to in your path.

Good for you man, I'm way behind. I'm 24 and haven't accomplished much. I'm just working my way to seeing what I want to use as my career. Just a note, though: "I've done much more when I was in 6-7th grade yet I don't brag about it." That's called bragging.

Sorry for the confusion;I was rather simply stating that I had done some work in the 6-7th grade;however, in my comment it was meant to be, I don't make a thread about it;on that note, you should very well simply push yourself into doing something, a good way to start with this new era of technology is to learn how to program and learn the new tools that are being developed each day.

Hey! I think it's really neat that you're doing incredible things at such a young age. I'm a little older than you, but would love to chat with you more about what you're up to. Shoot me an email at zach@zachlatta.com.

I think the biggest difference here is that he has actually shown the world his work....

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