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So what?

OP said he made 30 apps this year. Which he did. Who cares how he made them.

If he had hired someone out to make them, people would be fawning over him, telling him he's a business tycoon.

I don't understand why you're so quick to try to shit on what he's doing, because you think you could do it in some arguably more "pure" manner, or whatever term you might use.

I wasn't shitting on the OP. That was never my intention, no matter how much you insist the contrary. And when did I suggest that I would do anything better or more pure? I'm simply responding to an implication that third-party code libraries and tools such as what the OP used are the same thing. I think they're not. Feel free to disagree all you like.

If you're just looking for an argument, look elsewhere.

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