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Okay that was over descriptive. I basically created a chatting platform that used Websockets (so it worked on the web instead of application only) and would send data from a PHP frontend to a node.JS backend (hosted in AWS) via SSL and RSA encryption (I used cryptico.JS to encrypt and decrypt). The node.JS server was running engine.io (base for socket.io).

Also i'm sorry if it came off like I have a big ego!

PHP frontend? Just curious how that works...

Opps, by that I mean't a website done in PHP and the WS server was in node.

Also @krrishd, are you still working on your suicide-prevention app, I emailed you about it a few weeks ago and didn't get a response.

I'm trying to learn about both suicide and backend development conceptually, so the actual development will start soon. I'll shoot you an email about it soon :)

It still seems like you only vaguely know what you're talking about.

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