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I'm definitely glad to see another 15 year old taking a interest in computing but I guess the reason i'm not overly impressed is that for me- and I don't mean to sound arrogant,- this would be an extremely easy task and the reason I'm not doing something like is because I prefer Software Programming more than Gaming and I hate Windows (I'm on Ubuntu).

For most 15 year olds it would not be an extremely easy task. What's impressive is that someone has gone down such a specialised skill-development route by that age. So both the OP, and you, are impressive.

I guess you are right, most 15 year olds at my school couldn't tell me how a bold tag looks like if their life depended on it! I didn't develop my skills over a fortnight. I have been programming since I was eight (I come from a family of engineers).

I still remember building my first VB Application (A browser), the moving on to HTML, PHP, then teaching a Python Class at my old school and now I'm proficient in Node.JS and know how to use most of the HTML5 API, so I guess it does take time to evolve your skills.

Extremely easy? To make 30 games in a year? Even if using a game creator software, it is not extremely easy. Opening a door is extremely easy.

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