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One tip: Ignore everybody and keep creating. If I'd done that at 15, then I wouldn't have started to doubt myself and stop working on ideas that later turned out to be very prescient.

The most important thing you should do is the thing that's most important to you. Be sure it's not defined by other people's opinions.

There will always be people in life like the guy who replied "While it is impressive to see another 15 year old programmer (I've never met one in real life even though I've been to three schools in two different countries (I'm a expat kid) ), the actual programming skill required to make games like these are little to none and truthfully i'm not overly impressed."

Ignore 'em and keep working.

EDIT: Oh, I should also mention: don't let the praise go to your head. Another mistake I made. In general, it's it's a bad idea to compare yourself to anyone else -- whether feeling smug and superior that you've accomplished all this at 15 (surprise, I know your secret!) or feeling weak and inferior that you're not as talented as some other person. They're not you, and you're not them. Relative comparisons like that don't matter one bit. Instead, it's far more advantageous to always be comparing your current self to your past self. That's how Carmack became so incredibly good, for example. He didn't wait for anyone to surpass him; he did it himself. That's only possible if you believe you're not as skilled as you could be, i.e. having no ego. Nor did he let people convince him he was wasting his time back when he was working on his early projects.

It's complicated. Just keep working.

One thing I've learned is that if you've found yourself ruffling feathers and receiving criticism for something that you've done that isn't objectively bad or immoral, you're probably on the right track.

Right, forget about the age thing. Do what you like doing. The problem with "I'm 15 and I did this" is that it's also easy to go with the flip side, which is "sorry this was such a disaster, but I'm only 15." You should never use your [age, race, sex, creed, disability] as a factor in what you do. Get your mindset right and then just build stuff.

ETA: I can point out all kinds of people who wildly succeeded despite huge adversity. You won't see these guys mentioning how they were able to do well despite X. Really, the achievements should speak for themselves. You shouldn't have to dress them up. If you do feel that way, then maybe you need to take a step back and think about what's next. What can you do to level up and take you out of your comfort zone and give you a greater sense of accomplishment.

Yes, the op has done fantastic. Perfection is unattainable but a great motivator. You can always get better and should.

This past year you have learned a very valuable skill, pump out product. Now you should reflect upon how well your apps performed in the store and determine if you want to continue with the same strategy, invest time in polishing your projects, or maybe simply review your quality standards.

Great job OP, any parent would be proud, any person should show respect. Keep it up, iterate on your ideas and yourself.

This is great advice at any age not just 15.

I must say, regarding prescient ideas –

Many ideas do "float in the air", so you should take you gut feelings of "what's the next app that should be out there" seriously.

It has happened to me personally that an idea which I thought was "crazy, but perhaps crazy enough to be good" – yet never started working on it – was the same idea a start up had not long before. I could but congratulate them on their genius :)

> The most important thing you should do is the thing that's most important to you.

I had to go google this exact statement to see if you were quoting somebody else. What a profound observation that is.

Came here to say something similar. Everything saurus is saying is wonderful advice for anyone at any age.

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