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No chores, no kids, no girlfriend/wife. That's where time goes. I was crazy productive when I was 15 (and when I was 12). Now I'm 33 with a wife and kids I just don't have the time. But then again I work on problems that are two-three factors harder than this during the day, so it all evens out.

Keep up the good work kid, try lots of stuff out now, find something you like, then go deep. It only gets more fun :)

It's not about chores, kids, wives. I purposely avoided all those in order to "stay in my 20s even well into my 30s, ideally forever". Sad to report that simply doesn't work, even with zero money or chore worries whatsoever!

At least you tried to live the dream...

Look on the bright side: in this economy, many adults are getting divorced and moving back in with their parents. ;(

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