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It is mostly made with JavaScript. I really liked making apps on Windows 8 because I can use languages I already knew from making websites.

You might be interested in PhoneGap (http://phonegap.com). You use HTML/CSS/Javascript to build the apps, and then Phonegap compiles them to work on multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and more.

I think PhoneGap/Cordova (the open source base of PhoneGap) can be great for certain types of apps, and it definitely leverages your existing skillset. Here's a showcase: http://phonegap.com/app/

That said, I've never done a game with PhoneGap, and I'd worry about performance (for certain types of games)--I definitely worry about performance with javascript maps, which is closer to what we do). Just something to be aware of.

I'd definitely worry about performance in Phonegap, as to me it seems more useful for static, informational apps rather than games. I'd be interested in seeing a Phonegap game though, it would be interesting to see its acceptance in any major app market.

If you like Javascript and you'd like to start experimenting with 3D games, you should take a look at PlayCanvas[1]. WebGL-based online game tools. I think it's a little more complicated than Construct2 but you get to play with 3D graphics. :-)

[1] http://playcanvas.com/

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