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Show HN: Bi-weekly newsletter for engineers looking for other engineers. (atriangle.github.io)
29 points by rememberlenny on Dec 28, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

You should add

line-height: 26px;

To your "body" attribute up in the style section. Will make the page a lot more readable. The text is too cramped right now.

Changed and pushed out.

This looks like a worthwhile project--I'm excited to see it develop.

Why be cruel to designers with your silly joke?

What joke? Can someone confirm this already or what's the deal?

OP here. The page that links to "designers, recruiters, a people with good ideas" get linked to an HTML page with a animated loading gif.

Reference: http://atriangle.github.io/fordesigners.html

You're a dick because you're wasting _everyone's_ time. _Everyone_ click links.

Corrected. The link in the comment above is explanatory.

Reference: http://atriangle.github.io/old-fordesigners.html

Thank you for changing it, perhaps I was wrong.

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