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I am searching for an WebRTC server app (open source) that I can run on my webserver.

All these WebRTC guys want me to use their pay-for-use web services.

I found only EasyRTC that sort of worked https://github.com/priologic/easyrtc

Can someone suggest Node.js or PHP (with libevent) implementations of WebRTC server apps?

Mozilla has a node project at https://github.com/mozilla/talkilla

I've been working on a Node.js server (signaling server in Node over WS, frontend built in Backbone) https://github.com/malditogeek/vmux give it a go. There's a running instance at http://vmux.co

see hookflash.me, they have an open source implementation called openpeer. (https://github.com/openpeer/)

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