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>it'd be a great resource if they listed to the side a paper or review about some of the stuff they just spoke of.

Great idea! We'll put it unto the to-do list.

something easier to fix in the short term is your logo, which was saved as a lossy JPG. the artifacts are subtly visible and it looks ugly. or it might be an antialiasing issue. part of it might also be the border/thinness but thats another discussion. if you have the source as a vector and saving to PNG doesn't improve it, try saving it as a very large bitmap and resizing it down.

And as a spur to kick scientists in their own rear, I'd also link to their own lab websites. It might be a bit of a shit-show at first, but we/they really need to get with the times, and this is a good place to start.

We will improve this side as well.

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