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The fight over the Doves: A legendary typeface gets a second life (economist.com)
85 points by rayshan on Dec 25, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

It's a beautiful bit of type. That print at the top is lovely.

Does any digital system recreate the analogue nature of that type of printing yet? I guess this would be like Instagram, but for fonts.

> Both Cobden-Sanderson and Walker were part of the group of artists and craftsmen that gathered around William Morris

This group also invented pebble-dash. It's bizarre when you look at a Cotswold manor and see a bit of pebble-dash.

Egotism, the genius and the tragedy.

I think he'd be horrified at his type, once used for the bible, now being used for posters.

I found myself amusingly insulted by seeing ß called a "German esset", which should at the very least be "Eszett".

Doves for purchase on Typesec here, £40: http://typespec.co.uk/doves-type/

Kind of like the story about Bliss and his iconography. I have never understood the idea of destroying something you love because someone else might benefit from it.

Go incognito if the Economist says you're over your article limit (or delete the relevant cookies).

I wonder how well an automated recreation would work. What would come from taking scans of works using the typeface and taking the intersection of each instance of each letter?

Intersection might be the wrong operation. In general, you'd be solving an `inverse problem' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverse_problem).

> You have reached your article limit > Register to continue reading or subscribe for unlimited access


Try incognito, or private browsing, or whatever your browser calls it.

Interesting. Not $65 interesting though.

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