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Introducing the Grand C++ Error Explosion Competition (tgceec.tumblr.com)
12 points by gioele 461 days ago | 3 comments

A column in some old programming magazine— I think it might have been Dr. Dobbs'— had a similar ongoing contest. Some situations could cause a compiler's error-message generator to loop indefinitely, and some compilers would produce a fair amount of error text given a zero-length input, but ignoring these and only counting finite, nontrivial-input cases was still kinda fun.


> tests will be run

> The maximum source size is 256 bytes.

256 bytes C++ busy beavers are going to run longer than the universe has existed. Expecting to run the tests seems like a misguided way to do the judging.


Could you explain a bit more how the busy beaver problem applies to this context?

Are you proposing that the error messages generated are analogous to the tape in a busy beaver Turing machine, and the 256 bytes of C++ is the machine's state transition definition?


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