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Due to the BBC's public service remit it has to support a very wide range of use cases - many of which fall outside of the accepted norm. For example the BBC has to provide its contents to libraries and schools, many of which have more heavily 'locked down' machines than your typical corporate network, and who do not have the money or time to upgrade their machines. There are a lot of smaller user groups in situations that prevent them from upgrading too. You'd be surprised how many older machine users this equates to. Thus the BBC has to support the thin end of the wedge of web browsers, and the stats we have (unfortunately) back this up.

The Glow team itself is actually a very small team, even in BBC terms (which usually has small teams compared to a lot of companies). Add to this the in-house support they give to all of the other web products in terms of a library and general JS support and you have in effect a net gain in web producing ability - not a loss, so its more effective to do this and thus a more efficient use of BBC funds.

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