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Yeah, I was thinking about my idea in the comment below, and realized that if a company (or conglomerate of companies) like IBM or a set of airlines which had an intra-coin that they used internally, may actually want it available to the public, as it indicates that the coin has a backing and importantly, it could be a good way for a company to raise capital.. instead of selling stock, it'd sell its intra-coins. In such cases only certain employees can actually withdraw underlying coins for special reasons, otherwise the underlying blockchain is hidden to staff who just see balances in their logins and transfer between other staff for day-to-day tasks.) Same with a government, who may fund projects and accept taxes in their own coin. The tyranny or tax to watch out for on top of all this is if some group comes in and says "I demand x% of all coins from your new blockchain."

On a similar note, Litecoins are big in China. If the blockchain were to come under attack, a large group of Chinese people would be pissed off enough to come together to do something about it. Or, more importantly the Chinese government may have high up officials or execs that hold Litecoins, and it could end up the preferred blockchain of the Chinese, and they turn a blind-eye to regulating it.

I thought about releasing CAD coin transparently so it can be auto traded in p2p exchanges but laws are stupid on that kind of voucher. Coins could later be redeemed but can't allow people to trade it with each other without involving ID bullshit. Otherwise would be an awesome idea to solve exchanger problems

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