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I mentioned on another thread about using company-specific intracoins to facilitate intra-company resources and commerce. I've had a longer think about it, and realized that an exchange can be the focal point of a company's entire finances. Let's say a company gets funded, those funds are lodged onto the exchange into the management's exchange account, and a certain number of coins are minted. Departments request these coins from management who sends them to various departments. Intra-company transactions are facilited by these intracoins for factors-of-production. For departments that earn revenue, these funds are deposited into that department's exchange account, and they can buy more coins, to spend further. At times, management can demand the Sales department transfer them coins (or funds) so they can move them back around the company as they deem fit (like a tax). As the company grows in sales, the price of the coins can either rise, or more coins are issued so it remains fixed to fiat.

So basically, I think this exchange could be used in such an idea. It'd have to tie in with an accounting information system, and other systems. Possibly an ERP. Management can approve of all intracoin/fiat trades on the exchange, because it means a department will need to make an external purchase, and management may want to approve of it... to see and approve where its real money is about to go. Also, a conglomerate of companies tied into 1 exchange and 1 intracoin would be interesting.

add: company exchange can also hold bitcoins/??coins for spending at other companies that accept cryptocoins. And sales can be received in cryptocoins. If that was the case all the time, fiat would only be needed to pay government taxes.

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