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I have some questions about this:

1. The FAQ gives a political answer about the status of Express but I imagine that Express will not be actively maintained any more. Correct?

2. If focus is now on Koa, why the name change from Express when it is already a huge name for node frameworks?

3. If a new developer sees Express and Koa, would they immediately know which one is being focused on?

Basically I'm wondering why it couldn't be called Express 3.0 (or 4.0).

My guess is that because Express and Connect aren't really big frameworks changing something fundamental as the middleware API would break all backwards compatibility. So you'll end up with a different framework anyway. This way people that like generator middleware can pick koa and if you prefer the old style middleware you can still use Express.js.

I also see pull requests getting merged into Express.js on almost a daily base. So I am not really worried about it dying anything soon. Most of the road map items for express are about extracting it's features into separate modules as well. Which means they are aiming at making the Express core even smaller and less opinionated.

Express is still maintained, by a bunch of us, but personally I'll be focusing mostly on Koa. They're separate because conceptually Koa is quite different, the migration from the would-be Express 3.0 -> 4.0 would mean rewriting the app

I understand it's due to connect being bought by sencha. The FAQ states it's more like connect, with some express goodies moved to the middleware level.

But express was connect with some extra goodies on top. Surely this is an iteration upon express?

I guess I'm more concerned about the marketing of this framework as there's now two names for the same thing except one is newer than the other. As a dirty analogy - if jQuery started to support yields instead of function callbacks, do they change the name of the library?

Looking at the syntax of Koa, it's still express except it looks nicer because there's no callbacks. What was the reasoning for ditching the big name? It can't be just for that.

It looks like some important express-like things are missing though. For instance, there is no routing abstraction or rendering. I think you're right that Express is connect with extra goodies, but the most important of those are missing from koa. Although branding it as a 'next-generation web framework' definitely seems like they want to replace express.

If express was connect, since koa is basically a rewrite of connect using generators, doesn't it make sense to give it a new name?

Express isn't Connect. Does it honestly even matter or are you just finding something to nitpick?

Koa is only usable with >= 11.9 behind the --harmony flag, I doubt they'd want to release a new version of Express that most people can't/won't even use.

you can also use it with > 0.8 with https://github.com/TooTallNate/gnode

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