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Nmap team releases 5 gigapixel favicon map (nmap.org)
127 points by unix-junkie on Dec 18, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 27 comments

How did some of these websites end up so big:

http://mywebsearch.com/ <- dead site http://www.babylon.com/ http://www.conduit.com/

Above is just a sample of sites which have very large logos, and I think they should not, because they are either dead, or can't be possibly as popular as say, the BBC site.

Other then that, it looks like it's time to start learning Mandarin, from the looks of it it's quickly becoming the number 2 language on the web. I got English (1) and Russian (3) covered :)

I believe conduit produces one of those adware toolbar plugins that get installed when you install utorrent, etc. It will also attempt to change your browser home page as well. I'm assuming that very few hits to conduit.com are actually intentional.

Yup, conduit is adware.

fc2.com is almost as big as pinterest? Yeah, not sure about the accuracy here.

fc2.com is really massive in Japan, it shows up in my (japanese language) google search with a very high frequency. And since it's Alexa data we're talking about here, it probably makes a difference that IE usage is still relatively high in Japan.

fc2, from the times I've come across it, feels like it's somewhere between blogspot and tumblr in size. I don't know how big pinterest is compared to those two, but fc2 feels big.

OMG! The porn!

Just a few icons away from news.ycombinator.com is incest-dream.com - don't go there! There are plenty of other porn sites surrounding the Hacker News favicon, call me naive, but I didn't think there was that much porn out there on the interwebs these days. Someone told me it was hard to monetize because you cannot compete with free. Plus you don't get a screen full of pop-ups of porn, 1998 style. Seems I will have to re-evaluate what the internet is used for.

> I didn't think there was that much porn out there on the interwebs these days


>Seems I will have to re-evaluate what the internet is used for.

Enjoy your "evaluating."

The internet is for porn, and everything else amounts to a rounding error.

Actually, this is not as true as it used to be[1] - streaming video of the regular kind is a really big deal.


Bandwidth isn't necessarily the best measurement of "what the internet is used for", for example porn may stream in lower quality on average, maybe more people hoard porn (download once, watch many times) as it's probably easier to remember the name of your favourite film than which random site to find your favourite porno on, plus the porn category includes pictures as well as video.

But I guess what the best measurement would be is subjective anyway, plus it's not so easy to measure anything like "amount of time spent doing X" or "number of people doing Y". Alternatively it's a valid opinion to have that bandwidth is the best metric, it's just not my opinion.

The thing that is interesting to me is that for a very long time, "Adult content" was what the vast majority of internet bandwidth was used for, by a tremendous margin. I remember in '01, one of my co-workers streamed CNN, after the twin towers disaster; In spite of working in the industry for several years, that was the first time I saw someone use streaming video over the Internet for anything other than demos (and pornography)

The fact that non-adult streaming video has surpassed adult streaming video (in terms of bandwidth used) is interesting because it means that the Internet is now a mainstream distribution channel for mainstream video.

This remains as true as it ever was:


Wow. How the mighty are fallen.

Slashdot: http://nmap.org/favicon/?search=slashdot.org

I think that's just further proof that you cannot afford to go on autopilot once you've become successful.

Slashdot wouldn't be slashdot if it had kept growing for the past ten years; there are only so many nerds in the world.

Anyway, Slashdot's icon is still bigger than ycombinator.com's. :)

Think of it this way: Slashdot is the giant's shoulders that Digg and Reddit and HN stand on.

Ah Babylon.com, how I hate you so. May your stupid toolbar burn in hell.

It would be great to see this as an animation showing growth from say...the day google went live to present.

Map? What determines the positions?

Looks like the color determines the position, and traffic the size.

If you ever find yourself complaining about the amount of time wasted on HN, just look at all those millions of hours wasted on facebook, then write some bloody Python.

Some of the "Top Losers" items don't make sense:

* YahooJapan: (down arrow) 1.5 to 3.5%

* Microsoft: (down arrow) 1.2 to 3.4%

* LiveJasmin: (down arrow) 1.2 to 2.0%

(points changed) to (new percentage).

e.g. 1.5 to 3.5% means it dropped 1.5% from 5.0% to 3.5%

Can you calculate the average of those icons? I wonder if there is a pattern.

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