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>> The truth is that real privacy will in fact get more people killed, in the short run, because yes it makes operations easier for the Bad Guys. I'm okay with that, because I'm more worried about a tyrannical government, and We are bigger than the Bad Guys. But I'm not sure the electorate sees it my way.

Yep. It's no different than regular crime. We could prevent all crime if the state handcuffed every single citizen. Done! Yay! Whoops, except we destroyed what we meant to protect: life and liberty.

That's what surveillance is doing now. It destroys freedom of speech, freedom to gather peacefully, freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances (how can you investigate government wrongdoing if they're tapping your phone?), all to (possibly) mitigate the already-small risk of being blown up by loonies.

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