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Face++ shows more evidence of innovation from China (pando.com)
12 points by DanaeWong on Dec 18, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Innovation from China :

"co-founded by a PhD candidate on leave from Columbia University, a former Microsoft engineer, and someone from Beijing’s Tsinghua University"

Try again.

I only found the name of that PhD candidate - Qi Yin. So I'm guessing the US is doing what it's been doing best in recent times - teaching foreign students, then sending them home because "Americans need jobs". That reaaaally has to change, and soon...

French here, same things happens here to a lesser extent. The fact that foreign don't have to pay fees (as well as the local), lots of foreign students come here and go home once they completed their studies.

A shame - if they were given the opportunity to work or start a business right away without going through heaps of bureaucracy, everyone would benefit in the long run. As it is, many don't have a choice but to return to [insert underdeveloped country] and try their luck there...

Face.com did the same type of thing. Facebook bought them. I don't buy into the concept that Chinese companies don't innovate. But if I did agree with the statement, this post does nothing more than show more 'ripping off of western ideas by China'

I think Google is already the Google of face search. I remember Eric Schmidt talking about how they already built the technology to do this, but they didn't release it (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/01/facial-recognition-...).

In any case it was only a matter of time before it came out of pandora's box.

Can anyone think of legitimately useful applications of face recognition software?

Seriously? Is that a legitimate question?!

Face recognition is one of the most human traits. Making it into software humanises anything that that uses it.

What about that awkward situation where you forget someone's name?

Building on that, auto linking twitter/linkedin profiles with people at networking events or conferences

Auto attendance monitoring at school/work?

Indexing TV shows/movies/online videos by who was on the screen at any given time?

Retail analytics, to track who keeps coming back to look at the same thing every day?

Automatic scene extraction for action cams, where it scan hours of footage from multiple cameras for scenes with the same person?

"best scene" generation for videos, where it software synthesizes new video scenes from footage of multiple people and stitches together new scenes.

I could keep editing this comment and thinking up new ideas for hours. Face recognition has to be one of the most exciting pieces of technology available.

Well as a research scientist at a face recognition company (Cognitec Systems)that's been around a long time, I would say that one legitimate use of face recognition software has been for driver's licenses applications for the individual states and provinces in the US and Canada. Whenever a new system has been put in, there's always a bunch of people with 20 licenses under various names.

I know people who are face blind, and get real apprehensive in public situations because they don't know if they should trust a person or not. Face recognition software could give them more confidence in going out and about to supplement the missing cues.

The most obvious is finding people with outstanding arrest warrants. Another pretty basic one is tagging people in photos, so you can search your library for photos taken outside with your grandmother.

Time for some makeup that distorts your face on camera.

China: a generation full of hope

US: the lost generation

talk about role reversal...

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