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I would love to learn about clockwork - even if only using CAD (although actually getting to make something would be even better) - however have been unable to find any resources for learning about it. Does anyone know of any good guides for introducing horology/clockwork manufacturing to beginners and explaining how to get started?

Its kind of big, like "teach me about computers". You can learn a lot from practical applications. I find these blueprints and finished clocks extremely aesthetically pleasing and instructive:


I have no connection other than owning some of the plans and very slowly in the process of building one of the simplest clocks, one with a classic Verge escapement. I wanted specifically to build a retro Verge escapement and I don't know enough to advise if that's the best choice for a noob, unless you've also got a bug to build a Verge...

If you're willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money (like $1 per page!) "My own right time" by Philip Woodward could be a reasonable book to start. Borrow it at the library or interlibrary loan. One thing I learned from the book is the spouses of time nuts are apparently at least as tolerant as the spouses of ham radio and computer nuts (which is saying a heck of a lot).

This is an area where I know enough, to know I only know enough to be dangerous, so if anyone has better information they should respond.

(Edited to add I would consider clockmaking to be a separate craft from metal machining or wood butchering or 3d printing and would not advise trying to learn both at the same time, unless you're very patient. I think learning fine woodworking and clockmaking at the same time would be highly challenging. Or machining and clockmaking, etc.)

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