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> Javascript looks a lot like "the new C" ... > Something will come someday that will supersede it.

What has superseded C? Nothing. Many things are built on and around C and it is no longer the only choice. I see the same future for Javascript. It will forever be the "low-level" browser based language.

it's hard to say if none or many have superseded C. It's really a hard point, and I don't mean to troll about that.

It's a question of perspective. If you're looking for a total control and great performances, nothing has superseded C. If what you want if a faster development and feature release cycles, many have.

I'm definitively not against C, and definitively not against JS. But C used to be the language for every purpose, and now it's JS. History repeating I guess...

I agree with you on the "low-level browser based" point, but the reach of JS is way broader than that.

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