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It's a nice model of concurrency that had been extensively studied by researchers but (I believe) never really had much practical impact.

Basically, it's a very small programming or modeling language based on concurrent message passing with a simple formal semantics. Pretty much in the same way that the lambda calculus is a small language based on functions.

There's no mainstream programming language based on it, unlike the lambda calculus that inspired LISP, ML and so on...

Interestingly, many evolutionary biology-related papers use p-calculus for their models. It's a shame most of them are typical science papers (they're written to seem complex and deep instead of trying to give a clear explanation of the model).

That's true. I think what happens is that researchers sometimes believe they need enough material for their papers to be published. For instance, they prove mathematical properties of their models which obfuscate the message and aren't necessarily relevant.

Also the target audience are other specialists in the same narrow field.

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