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Good point.

The interesting thing is that Google has gone about the introduction of Dart in a scrupulously open way. They publicized the language early on it's design and implementation, they open sourced their implementation immediately on announcement and continued development in the open with input and contributions from all comers. The goal of the project is make it easier to develop better web apps. Now they've begun a standardization process.

In other words, Mozilla couldn't ask for a more open, standards-friendly, for-the-betterment-of-the-internet process. Regardless of Google's overall impact on the world, the Dart project is very much in line with Mozilla's mission. On the other hand, Dart competes directly with Javascript. Javascript is Mozilla's baby. The more that Dart replaces Javascript, the more Mozilla's power and influence declines.

So I expect Mozilla will oppose Dart, but they'll have to twist themselves into rhetorical contortions in the process. NIH is alive and well.

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