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10,000+ Public APIs (publicapis.com)
42 points by anonfunction on Dec 12, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 23 comments

What is the definition of public here?

Is public/private a matter of authentication, or authorization ? (e.g. trackable or paying)

Or is it suppose to be "private api is for internal use in a company" v. "public api is for external usage"?

  curl "https://joss-open-exchange-rates.p.mashape.com/latest.json"
  {"message":"Invalid Mashape key. If you are a Mashape user, get your key from your dashboard at https://www.mashape.com/login - To create a free Mashape account instead, go to https://www.mashape.com/signup"}

The are a number of API's (on Mashape) that even if in public mode are still beta stuff (like mine :-)) there should be a way at least for mashapers to signify that in the api admin panel, in order to avoid any potential confusion. That said, THANK YOU from this marketing effort.

This is great. Is there a way you could categorize the APIs so searches can be filtered? I imagine this a common machine learning classification problem. Maybe check out http://scikit-learn.org/stable/

Absolutely, I have a simple tag solution in the works.

Now Google is not the only one place to look for public APIs.

Love the idea but I have two suggestions: let people filter by country and let them vote or star a particular API.

not sure about needing to filter by country? but voting, and meta tagging too... +++

country could make sense too. not all APIs are generic. I would love to find out what APIs are specifically available in my country.

The war of API directories has just begun.

Yep. I'm sure you've seen http://www.apihub.com/ which actually has a lot more details and information and api tools with raml built in to visualize and try out the api (e.g. Here's Stripe http://www.apihub.com/stripe/api/stripe-api/docs/raml).

Full disclosure - I work at MuleSoft, the company responsible for ApiHub.

oh yes, the latest copy-cat of http://mashape.com

I hit a api at random (currency converter) and ended up at mashape.

Just FYI -- I'd never heard of it before.

Site seems down (Nginx bad gateway error)

502 Bad Gateway :(

Fixed :)

502 bad gateway



Glad you like it! I'm writing a blog post detailing how I made it which should be done soon. It's built with mongodb and nodejs, JavaScript FTW :)

really cool, well done

Great! A bit off topic, but how do you get instant searching on the website as you type? (I'm a amateur programmer).

I use jQuery to send an AJAX request to nodejs which then queries elasticsearch and returns the rendered html which I switch out the DOM with.

You should have array caching for the responses coded!

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