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Dogecoin.org - P2P Cryptocurrency for doges (dogecoin.org)
51 points by dogecoin on Dec 12, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 28 comments

wow! many coins. such crypto. must buy. wow. very cheap. instant millionaire

It's funny that they went to the trouble of releasing a Mac client when even most of the interesting altcoin currencies neglect to do so.

It looks like a fork of bitcoin-qt, with some of the text changed to comic sans

Doubtless, but my point stands given that most cryptocurrencies use bitcoin-qt forks with only fairly minor modifications.

I literally laughed out loud reading this line. Bravo dogecoin, bravo.

It's actually a fork of luckycoin-qt, which is a fork of litecoin-qt.

Its funny, i havent had more fun doing crypto since bitcoin ;) Its actually kinda amazing how popular it is already.

I was planning to do a "REGRET COIN" or "PUMP(n'dump)COIN" as a parody... this beat me and is much more enjoyable.

It was also fun to actually be able to solve blocks solo when it first released. I got into bitcoin too late to do anything outside of pool mining, so I missed out there.

Why is this being upvoted on HN? New crapcoins are introduced daily that offer nothing new and instead follow this formula:

1) Fork Bitcoin or Litecoin repo

2) Come up with cleaver name. In this case, an exhausted meme that some will be amused by

3) Do mass renames in fork

4) Make a logo and website

5) Post to internet and make eBay auctions for coin, call it "THE NEXT BITCOIN!!!"

I think perhaps this one differs in that it is a deliberate reductio ad absurdum version of the others.

Indeed. It's a commentary on the "me to" nature of the cryptocurrency scene. Anybody can clone bitcoin-qt and change the strings to "MyCoin" or "GiveMeBucksPls". BBQCoin is in the same vein.

What's absurd is that these meta-joke coins can still speedily acquire value. The price of Dogecoin has doubled or tripled in the last 2 days on this exchange (volume is tiny) https://coinedup.com/OrderBook?market=DOGE&base=BTC

Is it still a joke then? Yes, but some people clearly don't think so. If you extrapolated the final market capitalization from the current price, it would already have reached over $10m

          such lol

It's funny how much new crypto-currencies depend on naming and branding (See also: Offerings to Cthulhu [1]).

[1] http://altcoins.com/off-offerings-to-cthulhu.html

Sorry, I'm just more of a cat person myself.

the lucky miners pool is already cranking out 98918.00 KH/s!

I feel like I'm missing something, but what is a doge?


> Doge is a slang term for “dog” that is primarily associated with pictures of Shiba Inus (nicknamed “Shibe”) and internal monologue captions on Tumblr. These photos may be photoshopped to change the dog’s face or captioned with interior monologues in Comic Sans font.

LOL, wow, I generally keep up with the memes but this one is new to me.

Historically, a doge is the ruler of one of a number of Italian city-states. More recently, it has become an Internet meme centering around the Shiba Inu dog breed.

It's the world's shittiest, laziest meme for assholes.

Need some cheese to go with that whine?

If the coin is used by female Doges, does that make it a Bitchcoin? ducks

so awesome. i wanted to do something like that myself in the form of "lamecoin" or "l33tcoin"

I'm planning on making not one, but two new cyrptocurrencies: the Shrute Buck and the Stanley Nickel.

What's the conversion rate?

That's for the free market to decide.

Amazingly fun to mess with.

Comic sans.

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