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Does this mean we can create Android and iOS apps with Python (via e.g. PyQt)?

I think they would want you to use QML for that. Code your interface in QML, access your platform libraries in Java/Obj-C. This actually makes a lot of sense, since QML can represent just about any GUI logic and you need your native platform libraries anyway.

If you have not tried QML yet: I used to love Qt because it was soo easy, then loved PyQt because it was soo much easier. Now I love QML because it is soo much easier still. QML really is an awesome way of creating GUIs and interaction logic. Then code your backend in whatever language you like. PyQt works just as well as C++, and since you don't have to wrap GUI logic at that point, the language doesn't matter as much.

Actually QML apps can be written only using QML + Javascript. Performance or platform dependent parts can be written in C++.

Some Qt based frameworks experience. Ubuntu Touch chose to develop apps using Javascript only where possible. BlackBerry apps support both Javascript and C++. There are people who believe that QML must be used only for UI and all logic must be written in C++. IMHO Javascript is good choice as it is fast enough in many cases.

As for Python that's not what you want to use with QML and pure Qt is not what you want to use for mobile apps.

Javascript in iOS is not a good idea, unless you are just prototyping/building a basic app.

Maybe. My experience (not Qt based) with Javascript on iOS is not very bad (I expected worse). While I don't like that Apple created fake problems using script languages in iOS.

Regardless of qt, you can actually already write android and iOS apps in python via kivy (http://kivy.org/#home).

It includes a domain specific language for creating widget trees called kivy language, which I hear is not unlike qml (though I haven't tried the latter), though it all maps straight to pure python if you want to write things that way.

yes, but ATM there is lack of documentation:


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